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The Little Merchant is a vision that I had been hoping to create for many years. The Paper Merchant has a wonderful childrens section which has been very popular with our customers. As the years went by I would add more and more gifts and toys, but there just did not seem to be enough for our cliental. Thats when I decided to go ahead and open The Little Merchant in Naples Florida. I decided our mascot would be Izzy the alligator, she sits in front of our store greeting everyone that walks by. Having three grandchildren , and being the mother of four children has helped me with finding wonderful gifts, books, toys and of course I was able to buy clothing that would be comfortable and fun. Ive really enjoyed the whole idea of a children s store; reliving my childhood, being amongst such wonderful toys, books and gifts. The best aspect of all is seeing the beautiful smiling faces of the babies and children that come in our store so excited to play with all the toys. It really is a store that is full of love and happiness, no wonder I love it so.

Michele Buonocore,
Owner and founder of The Little Merchant
Featuring a large selection of wedding and party invitations or personalized stationery, ordered from numerous companies.
We offer a wide variety of things for children check out our Little Merchant site, click here.
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